Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clueless George

George Stephanopoulos, along with his liberal cohorts in the media, don't understand the "tea parties," don't understand human nature, don't understand basic economics, and don't understand what having "skin in the game" (Obama and Biden have used this term numerous times) really means.

How can so many people be protesting when 43% of tax-filing Americans pay no federal income tax? And what do those protesters have to complain about. Isn't it great that 43% don't even pay federal income taxes?

Maybe, George, most of the protesters are not in that 43%. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that just maybe most of the protesters actually have some "skin in the game."

And frankly, it's time to get more of those 43% in the game. The more people there are who pay no taxes, the more we pit the producers against the parasites, and our country will go further down the path of decay as the productive members of society lose their incentive to produce, while the increasing number of non-tax payers vote for higher taxes on the "rich."

Watch the video.

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