Monday, April 27, 2009

The Problem with Republicans

People are often right for the wrong reasons.

Ask someone in the Northern hemisphere what season is the warmest and why. You won't have to ask too many people before you hear, "Summer, because the sun is closer to the earth than in the winter." *

Kit Bond, Republican Senator from Missouri, spoke with Chris Wallace over the weekend. He's right about the absurdity of investigating--and potentially prosecuting--CIA attorneys who drafted legal memos regarding "torture" of terror detainees.

But he mentioned Sandy Berger as an example!

Sandy Berger stole and destroyed top secret documents from the national archives. He plead guilty to a misdemeanor, then was slapped with a small fine and some community service.

Because this traitor was not charged with a felony and ordered to serve time in prison is one of the reasons why Democrats shouldn't pursue cases against former Bush officials?

It is an even bigger mistake today than it was when Bush first took office in 2001, to assume that good will toward the other party will be reciprocated. But more importantly, the brazen display by Senator Bond of the "good ole boys" club mentality of politicians sickens me.

It's time Republican voters clean house.

Watch the video.

* As a matter of fact, the earth follows an elliptical (oval) path around the sun and is closest to the sun in the month of January. This relative closeness, however, is not significant in determining the temperature we feel on earth. It is the tilt of the earth on its axis which makes the seasons. In the summer, the Northern hemisphere gets more direct sunlight, which causes it to be hotter. Perhaps a good comparison is how sunlight feels much hotter around noon than it does after the sun rises or just before it sets.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama's $100 Million Joke

Displaying exemplary effort, Obama has scrounged through the budget and found $100 million in savings for the American taxpayer--just as he promised he would do.


Of course, with a projected 2010 budget of $3.5 trillion, this savings is the equivalent of a family living on $35,000 saving $1.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Can you imagine being in financial straights, calling your family members--from whom you've borrowed significant sums of money--jubilantly announcing to them that you are doing your part, by cutting back on buying the Sunday paper--for one day each year?

Watch this hilarious press briefing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clueless George

George Stephanopoulos, along with his liberal cohorts in the media, don't understand the "tea parties," don't understand human nature, don't understand basic economics, and don't understand what having "skin in the game" (Obama and Biden have used this term numerous times) really means.

How can so many people be protesting when 43% of tax-filing Americans pay no federal income tax? And what do those protesters have to complain about. Isn't it great that 43% don't even pay federal income taxes?

Maybe, George, most of the protesters are not in that 43%. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that just maybe most of the protesters actually have some "skin in the game."

And frankly, it's time to get more of those 43% in the game. The more people there are who pay no taxes, the more we pit the producers against the parasites, and our country will go further down the path of decay as the productive members of society lose their incentive to produce, while the increasing number of non-tax payers vote for higher taxes on the "rich."

Watch the video.

McCaskill Cheers Release of Report

According to Senator Claire McCaskill, we should all feel better--even relieved--that President Obama decided to release a classified legal memo regarding our past interrogation techniques.


Because terrorists will no longer be able to use as a recruiting tool the fact that America tortures people!

Now terrorists will be forced to go back to the techniques they used before 9/11--techniques they used to recruit 19 people to fly airplanes into buildings.

Feel better now?

No? Maybe you should watch this short video of Senator McCaskill on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

General Hayden Lets the Cat out of the Bag

Former CIA Director, General Michael Hayden, had a lot to say today on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Among other things, he expressed his dismay over President Obama releasing classified information about our past interrogation techniques--the same dismay shared by everyone in the country, save the President and his inner circle. I highly recommend watching the entire segment.

I decided to post a short, fascinating snippet of General Hayden discussing "torture," not to be missed by anyone who enjoys reinforcing their own common sense.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama's Coverup

I entitled this Obama's Coverup, but an arguably better title would be The Media's Coverup.

On April 14th, President Obama spoke at Georgetown University where he (The White House) insisted a symbol representing Jesus be covered up. Not surprisingly, there are very few news reports about this.

Remember when John Ashcroft had his episode of covering up backgrounds? Remember how that was covered in the media: the evening news, newspapers, late night talk shows. Anyone who was even remotely paying attention knew what a "prude" John Ashcroft was.

Yet how many people know that President Obama said we aren't a Christian nation--not just recently on his trip to Europe, but many times over the past years? Probably the same number of people who know that he wouldn't speak at Georgetown until a Christian symbol was covered up.

That's why a better title might be The Media's Coverup.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day "Tea Party" Protest in Kansas

On a beautiful afternoon in Overland Park, Kansas, a corner of the Johnson County Community College campus was covered with at least a couple thousand American patriots tired of being overtaxed and underrepresented.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

America Tearing a Family Apart

At some point I'll write a longer essay about the myth regarding the shortage of technical workers in America. Right now I just want to point out a ridiculous article that attempts to build sympathy for Sanjay, a foreign worker who, by his own choice, lives in Canada because his wife is not allowed to work in the U.S.

What made me laugh a bit was that near the end of the article (of course, because most people won't read that far) we learn that not only are Sanjay and his wife inconvenienced by our supposedly draconian immigration laws, but so are his wife's unborn child and both his parents, who also live with them.

The article would like us to agree that, yes--they should all be allowed into America and be given work visas. Sanjay is that good. He's like Tim Geithner.

Clueless Ginsburg

“I frankly don’t understand all the brouhaha lately from Congress and even from some of my colleagues about referring to foreign law,” said Justice Ginsburg on Friday.

I'm not surprised she doesn't understand.

Justice Ginsburg went on to say that there is a misunderstanding--citing foreign precedents does not bind the Supreme Court to foreign laws, it is merely influenced by them.

Does this mean we could see Boston Legal cited by Justin Ginsburg too? How about the Simpsons, or maybe even South Park?

She also said that the Canadian Supreme Court is probably cited more widely in foreign countries than is our Supreme Court because of our court's failure to engage more foreign decisions.

So the %$#* what? Is this a good reason to start citing more foreign judicial rulings?

Justice Ginsburg is 76 years old. I hope she can hold on for another 4 years so that she isn't replaced with a another kook, just like her--only younger.