Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Worthless Thomas Frank Article

For a guy who has marginal writing skills, but absolutely no common sense, having a world-class paper publish his drivel would seem to be a sweet deal; yet, Thomas Frank seems to be an angry guy.

The Wall Street Journal has published another article by Mr. Frank that, in his usual style, adds nothing of any value to public discourse. He criticizes the governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, using nothing but cheap, sophomoric shots.

Writing about Governor Sanford's refusal to accept a portion of the "stimulus" funds set aside for South Carolina, Mr. Frank quips, "The man has probably been waiting his entire career for the chance to conspicuously turn down federal money."

Go get him, Thomas Frank!

Mr. Frank closes his worthless piece with a despicable comment about Governor Sanford's conservative ideals (that are shared by millions of hard-working Americans) being "[ignorant] of what actually goes on the world," and that they "made America into the least virtuous, least equal country it has been in many years."

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