Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oops. My bad.

"I'm here on television saying I screwed up and that's part of the era of responsibility," Obama said to NBC News.

About 24 hours before this, however, Obama "absolutely" stood by Tom Daschle.

The White House said that Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer both withdrew on their own, that they weren't pushed out.

So why can't a news organization ask the obvious question: Exactly what mistake did you make, Mr. President?

Apparently the mistake wasn't picking nominees with tax problems--because he didn't ask them to withdraw. It sounds like he believes his mistake was picking people who were unwilling to fight for their nomination.


  1. The left wing press was constantly badgering Bush to admit his mistakes, so I'm confident the NY Times will get to the bottom of this.

  2. I wonder if we'll hear the same apology after the 1 gazillion dollar stimulus package fails to stimulate.

  3. Oh please. Obviously, his mistake (as Obama said himself) was to not have more carefully vetted Daschle.

    At least he has the cojones to admit a mistake, something Bush/Cheney never did once in 8 years.

  4. You've missed the point, Sprint Dude. If, in fact, Obama believes his mistake was that he didn't vet Daschle well enough, then why didn't he ask for Daschle to withdraw?


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